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The following guidelines should be followed at all times when attending activities, events, field trips, workshops or other gatherings organized for/or by the North Taranaki Home Educators Group.  This will ensure that we leave a good impression and will enable us to confidently organize other events in the future. Parents/Caregivers are responsible for their own child/children.  If the parent/caregiver is unable to attend the activities, they are to make arrangements for another adult to be responsible for their child/children. Respect is to be shown at all times towards invited speakers/instructors and property being used at the activities. The Event Organiser has the authority to warn the child/children if their behaviour is not acceptable. If the behaviour continues, the parent/caregiver will be asked to remove the child/children involved.


  • I wish to become a Member of the North Taranaki Home Educators Group and agree to pay the yearly Membership Fee of $25.
  • I agree to have my telephone number and email address on the North Taranaki Home Educators Contact List.
  • I agree to replace or pay for any equipment and/or property deliberately damaged by my child/children whilst attending any event with the North Taranaki Home Educators Group.
  • I agree to abide by the Code of Conduct.